BID's need to implement technology

Most BID understand that in todays world, implementing technology is no longer an option, but a necessity. With so much technology being introduced it’s never easy to decide in which technology to allocate precious assessment dollars. Technology is generally designed for the masses but every BID is unique, and so is the approach in blending technology into urban spaces.

Over the past nine years, Sky Packets has guided over 30 BID’s in vetting, implementing and incorporating new technologies into existing and new public spaces.

WiFi is one of the most desired amenities in our hyper-connected society, and Sky Packets is the premier BID WiFi turnkey company with over 30 BID specific deployments.


But WiFi is just the beginning!

From air quality sensors, noise sensors, pedestrian counters to interactive artwork, the opportunities for BID’s to leverage technology within the boundaries of its district are endless.


Questions still remain.

- What’s the best technology for our BID?
- How can I assure that we are picking the right technology?
- Can this be done within my budget?
- Should we put out an RFI or RFP?
- What is the impact that employing said technology will have on existing businesses and visitors to our BID?
- Will this increase our dwell time?

Whether you have limited resources, or are fully staffed, don’t go at it alone. Leverage Sky Packets nine years of implementing technology to successfully achieve your success.