WiFi Marketing Solution: How Many customers did your campaign create?

Every event, concert or marketing campaign is task with creating and engaging a new customer base. Sky Packets WiFi marketing solution gives brands the opportunity to see the real world impact of outdoors and indoors campaign initiatives. Customers login to WiFi with social media or email and automatically enroll in your custom loyalty program or marketing campaign. No downloads, no apps, no key cards, just have them login and send them intelligent rewards and offers making the customers acquisition process frictionless.

The Sky Packets WiFi Marketing Solution (WMS) allows you to build your email and marketing database for long-term success and repeat customers. WMS automates the collection of customer data and insures the customer data is private, secure and opt-in. WMS allows you to section and target marketing promotion in real time to enhance brand recognition. With WMS, analytics provide insight into customer activity, level of engagement and benchmarks.

Our deep analytics shows fan/follower growth and unique clicks on applications. You can visually gauge the growth in your customer base and keep track of how relevant you are to your fans. Let us help you go beyond just providing free WiFi or connectivity. WMS provides technical analytics by measuring bandwidth consumption, monitoring quality of service, device usage, deep customer profile and statistics.

Summary reports and exportable data are available for continuous monitoring and management. WMS indicators and measures footfall traffic, to accurately present “street to store” conversion, and the impact of outdoor events. By overlapping marketing campaigns and online benchmarks its easy to recognize why your customers visit.

The WMS can be installed in various locations, simultaneously, which makes it an ideal solution for larger regional or national brand campaigns with segmented territories.

Actionable Insight provided by WMS: 

  • How best to reward your customers 
  • What offers and events are getting the most traction 
  • Methods your customers are using to connect 

Some of the insight provided by WMS:             

  • Customer growth & change         
  • Customer Demographics      
  • Impressions or clicks of campaign 
  • Top influencers
  • Level of engagement
  • Outdoors triggers