In today’s tech driven world, renter demands to always be connected.

With WiFi ranking as the #1 must have amenity, it has become just as important as water or electricity for your property to have a reliable WiFi service. Simple put, more than any other service, apartment residents want fast, reliable wireless Internet. Residents don’t want to be limited to their apartment – they want to be connected everywhere in their apartment, outside, in the gym, by the pool and common areas.

With the changing landscape of data services plans (cellular and others services) renters are looking for amenities that provide options to plans that was once unlimited. With Sky Packets WiFi Mesh networks, your residents are able to use as much data as they want at high speeds. That means unlimited video, surfing, email, social media, games and more. The cost of the system is shared as part of the monthly rental fee.

WiFi access in the apartments and common areas provide the following benefits:

Your Residents Will Benefit From:

  • Lower cost (or no cost if provided as a free amenity) high-speed service Internet service 

  • 24/7 customer support managed by Sky- Packets
  • Walk-about Wi-Fi (complete wireless mobility) throughout the residential or commercial complexes, common areas and grounds
  • No requirements to engage in transactions with traditional providers 

Property Managers And Developers Benefit From: 

  • Justification for higher rental rates 
  • Increased residents sanctification and referrals 
  • Greater retention rates, lower turnover
  • Stronger marketability 
  • Inexpensive amenity 

According to J Turner Research, residents rate high quality Wi-Fi service as one of the top amenities they look for in a property. Sky-Packets can provide you with a lower cost, higher service level alternative to other high-speed Internet providers.

This service will be completely managed, monitored and maintained by Sky-Packets. Your properties will provide a meaningful and highly sought amenity, and your rental managers will not be burdened with any support related requirements!