WiFi network initiatives for cities and municipalities are priority today. Although major cities have citywide wireless networks, the market for Municipal is still in its infancy and early phases. The complexity and size of most Muni WiFi will come with expected and unexpected changes before and after they are deployed. Most Muni-wireless networks where designed and steered by a single application such as first responder networks, automated meter reading and or public Internet access as an example impacting the overall business model and required infrastructure, generally fully owned by the municipality.

Muni WiFi-Building Smart Communities:

As connectivity needs grow, cities have found the single ownership models to be inadequate. Most cities are calling for a public/private partnership to build, install and maintain their municipal networks.

Cities have an innate role in the deployment of these networks; they own public real estate required to build the wireless infrastructure, such as streetlights and public spaces like plazas and parks. As an “anchor tenant” cities are able to own a network without incurring capital expenses and requiring minimal in-house IT resources. The additionally resources allow cities to create networks that are financially disruptive and multiuse scalable systems. Smart Muni WiFi system of the future will be a single infrastructure that supports different wireless access technologies: Wi-Fi, WiMAX, cellular, and the 4.9-GHz public safety band with a mix of licensed and unlicensed technology

Key Drives for Municipal Wireless Network Adoption:

  • Digital Inclusion for under served communities 
  • Redundant Public Safety and First  Responders requirement
  • Economic Revitalization: help increase tourism in resorts , or simply make an area more attractive as a destination
  • More Efficient City Governments: City workers can do their jobs more efficiently if they have access to the city network out in the field   

Citywide wireless network infrastructure will support multiple applications. The same network that delivers automated meter reading for the utility company and mobile communications for police and fire departments can offer free Internet access in public parks, residential broadband, or security IP cameras throughout a city.

The growing complexity of these citywide networks calls for the sophisticated management, security, and deployment capabilities like Sky Packets has already employed. As the nation’s leading Muni WiFi designers, installer and maintainer–and with successful municipal deployments in Washington DC, Long Island, Boston and the largest Muni WiFi deployment in the nation in Harlem New York, Sky Packets can provide a full end to end turn-key muni solution to fit your needs.
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