WiFi for retail. Speak to your customers as they are shopping - let them market for you!

When you provide your customers with in-store WiFi you are giving them an avenue to promote business. You want your customers to "Check-In" at your store on Facebook, "Pinterest" your coolest items and "Tweet" your sales and promotions. 

Want to learn how we can build your retail establishment a WiFi network that can save you up to 20% on energy? 

WiFi Affects Where Your Customers Choose To Shop!

It's no secret your customers are mobile and always want to be connected. Since store typically experience poor cellular signal due to construction, customers can feel rushed and disconnected. Customers will stay in you're store longer if they are provided with WiFi access. Today's shoppes are educated and reading reviews and comparing prices online. If your store is not offering WiFi customers may become frustrated that they do not have the information they want at their fingertips (and take business somewhere else). 

A March 2015 report from JiWire noted some of the following statistics regarding WiFi in the retail environment:

  • WiFi access influences the choice of store for almost 80% of consumers 
  • 57.3% of consumers are using in-store WiFi to read product reviews before they purchase 
  • 47.2% of consumers are looking online to find offers in the store they are in 
  • 36.5  are browsing the stores website 

All of these statistics support consumers about to make purchasing decisions. In the early days of WiFi retail establishments tend to fear offering Internet access, but statistics show WiFi does not make your customer leave a store it provides them with fuel towards making a final purchase!